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We're OPEN!

We're OPEN!

I finally just bit the bullet and opened the store. I may not be 100% prepared or ready, but I need to start selling soap instead of collecting the...

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Handmade with skill. Homemade with love.

What Is Elegance? is a one-woman (me) operation. I develop the recipes, design and make the soap, and handle all packaging and shipping myself. I am a wife and stay-at-home mother to four kiddos, ages 9, 6, 1 and brand new! We live in small town in the Pacific Northwest and everything is made in my kitchen.

I develop all the recipes, design and cut all the soaps, and handle all packaging and shipping myself. While I work hard to ensure the quality and consistency of my product, there are times when stock will run out, and because soap takes time to "cure" after being made, it can be up to eight weeks before inventory can be restocked. This is a brand new business and I appreciate your patience while we work out the initial kinks.